Thursday, 29 January 2009

Japan: New year, more hangings

Human rights campaigners have condemned the first executions carried out in Japan in 2009, following the hanging of four prisoners in three cities this morning [29 January].

The Justice Ministry reportedly confirmed the men, all executed for murder, were:
  • Shojiro Nishimoto, 32, hanged at the Tokyo Detention Center
  • Yukinari Kawamura, 44, and Tetsuya Sato, 39, hanged in Nagoya
  • Tadashi Makino, 58, hanged in Fukuoka.
Amnesty International (AI) expressed concern in December that Makino Tadashi could soon be executed, after his latest appeal for clemency was rejected on 30 September.

"These are heinous cases which destroyed precious human lives," justice minister Mori Eisuke said, according to a report by AFP newsagency.

"I ordered the executions after cautious examination."

Mori Eisuke has now sent six men to the gallows since he was appointed justice minister on 24 September 2008.

He previously approved two executions, with the hanging of Michitoshi Kuma, 70, and Masahiro Takashio, 55, on 28 October.

The Japanese section of Amnesty International condemned the latest executions.

"We feel strong anger over these executions," the organisation's Tokyo branch said in a statement quoted by AFP.

"The Japanese government should recognise its international obligation to establish a criminal justice system which does not rely on capital punishment"

Japan executed a total of fifteen people in 2008, the highest rate in more than thirty years.

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Anonymous said...

These people were rightfully convicted and the sentence was rightfully carried out.

I don't see how human rights were violoated. That is, except for the human rights of the poor people that were murdered.

Anonymous said...

No Comments?? Must be a heavy hand doing the editing...

Tim Goodwin, ADP said...

No, anon, just the day job taking me away...