Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Thailand: Drug dealers put to death

From The Bangkok Post, 25 August 2009


Two convicted drug traffickers at Bang Khwang prison have been executed by lethal injection.

Bundit Jaroenwanit, 45, and Jirawat Poompreuk, 52, yesterday became the country's fifth and sixth people to be executed by lethal injection, which replaced death by shooting in 2003.

The atmosphere at Bang Khwang prison in Nonthaburi was subdued yesterday when the two learned they were about to die.

They were given 60 minutes to call or write to their loved ones. They were then offered a last meal and a chance to listen to a sermon from a monk invited from Wat Bang Praek Tai.

They were blindfolded and given flowers, candles and incense sticks before being taken to the execution chamber.

The two, their legs manacled, turned their faces towards the temple as they were laid out on beds.

They received three injections. The first was a sedative, the second a muscle relaxant and the third a drug that stops the heart beating.


Scott Berry said...

I've added a link from my blog to this site. I live in Bangkok and I feel just shocked and appalled by the execution of these two men here for drug possession. How terrible it is that we think this is a reasonable and civil way to respond to anyone! Scott Berry.

Ton said...

Leaving convicted prisoners many years in deathrow is already insane; to execute them within one hour after beeing for eight years in deathrow is a big shame.